Fly an aerobatic plane in Las Vegas

Fly an aerobatic plane in Las Vegas

Pulling Gs in an aerobatic plane is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping, and what a better way to fly the skies than with the view of the electrifying city of Las Vegas. Sky Combat Ace takes on a full Top Gun experience and allows you to be the hero of your own story by taking over the coltron.

After your pilot demonstrates each maneuver - the likes of barrel roll, loop and hammerhead - you'll have the chance to test what you've learnt. This might seem risky but at least there's not chance of hitting anything on air. “At SCA, you're not just a passenger on a joy ride,” SCA's official website states. “You are a steely-eyed fighter pilot at the controls of your very own ‘fighter jet,' pulling Gs and squeezing the trigger to ‘get the kill.'”

Sky Combat Ace offers a range of packages that cater to all levels, from calmer packages such as the Explorer, all the way up to packages offering the most advanced air combat simulation in the world, like the Operation Red Flag, according to the official website.

Each package comes with different offerings, providing you with the opportunity to find the right aviation experience for you and your group. “Many of the our packages even include the opportunity to showcase your aerial dogfighting skills for the chance to find out who is best among your group of friends or family,” organisers state on Sky Combat Ace's official website.

“No matter what aviation experience you choose, you are sure to have the time of your life flying over the vast deserts of southwest Las Vegas. You will have the opportunity to view the intricate mountain and valley landscapes that Las Vegas is famous for, from the way up in the air for sights you won't soon forget,” the organisers continued.

Sky Combat Ace offers the best aviation experiences to escape the glitz and glamour of The Strip and get your heart thumping in Las Vegas. This is experience is like no other. “Our flagship hanger in Las Vegas is also an adventure in its own right and something you just have to see for yourself”.

The company also offers complimentary transportation for most Las Vegas hotels. “Another great way to see Vegas like never before is with our night flight over the glittering neon lights of The Strip - we'll even bring the champagne!”