Go overnight caving in McMinnville Tennessee

Go overnight caving in McMinnville Tennessee

Second longest cave in Tennessee and one of the longest waves in the world, Cumberland Caverns is a national natural landmark and show cave situated in McMinnville.

The length of Cumberland Caverns provides the perfect opportunity for you to embrace your inner caveman. Get ready to explore more than 32 miles of underground passageways complete with cool rock formations, beautiful underground waterfalls and gleaming pools. ituated in McMinnville.

You can even turn your overnight exploration into a sleepover, as is common for visitors to spend the night. Excursions usually consist of the All Around the Mountain tour, which features ladder climbs, cave crawling and camping out in an underground cave, which is followed by breakfast in the Volcano Room - this is a large space which is also used for concerts.

If you are not much of a night owl, you can opt for one of the Daily Walking Tours they offer, which have knowledgeable guides that lead leisurely walking tours every hour on the hour. According the Cumberland Caverns' official website, “these one and half mile walking tours feature incredible formations, a historic 1812 saltpeter mine, a beautiful waterfall and gleaming pools.”

The walks last approximately an hour and a half, and they are moderately difficult. You might need a jacket, but the cave is usually a pleasant 56 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of the highlights of these tours include viewing stalagmites and stalactites, the cave surface is dirt and rock, there are steps and slopes to walk up and down, and you get to discover Tennessee's largest show cave.

If you are looking for a more challenging adventure, you should opt for Higgenbotham's Revenge, which is recommended for experienced explorers and thrill seekers in good shape. This tour takes from three and a half to four hours.

“Follow the historic route of the discoverer, Aaron Higgenbotham. The tour begins with a one and a half mile hike to the Higgenbotham Entrance. You will encounter narrow passageways, ladders (some up to 20 feet high) and muddy trails. Experience the passageways that are said to have ‘turned Higgenbotham's hair white' before he made it out.”

Some of the highlights include a hike through the beautiful hills of Tennessee, ladders in the Caverns - if you think you climbed some ladders in “Rocky Topper” just wait till you see these ladders - and you get the see the room and ledge where Aaron Higgenbotham spent three frightful days and nights.