Heli-ski in Anchorage

Heli-ski in Anchorage

Heli-ski is the ultimate Alaskan adventurous experience. This activity allows you to see slopes that are only accessible by chopper. In the heart of the Western Chugach Mountains, just north of Anchorage, the heli-skiing experiences allows you to explore the magic of the mountains from up close, with its magnificent steeps and colossal vertical feet.

The ungroomed powder makes it the preserve of experienced skiers. Once this powder is set within one of the largest state parks in America, the Chugach Mountains, you can ski thousands of miles of terrain, powder bowls and steep vertical descents. This will probably top any other skiing experience you've had before.

The Chugach Mountains is not only one of the most pristine heli-skiing destinations in the world, but it also offers 750,000 acres of skiable terrain, and 700 average inches of powder snowfall each year. The mountains also enjoy the ideal weather conditions for helicopter skiing.

Two of the best operators in the area are Chugach Powder Guides and Dean Cummings' H2P Guides. The former states on their websites, “Drop into mild powder bowls overlooking the Pacific, arc through acres of tall hemlock and Sitka spruce, dance across steep spines and couloirs - and never ski the same like twice.”

Chugach Powder Guides also emphasizes the professionality of their staff. “Our team of tested professional guides will lead you to some of the most varied and spectacular terrain in the world, and ensure that every day you ski with us is the best ski day you've ever had.”

This operator partners with Alyeska Resort, so their guests can relax in a luxurious resort after an exhilarating but exhausting day in the mountains. The resort boasts a world-class spa so you can soak away tired muscles.

CPG allegedly operates the best helicopter: the “A-star.” According to their website, “CPG is committed to providing the best ski and snowboard experiences in the world which is why we fly our guests and guides exclusively in the state-of-the-art, Eurocopter AS350: the ‘A-Star.' Because of its unbeatable combination of power and agility, the A-Star has long been the aircraft of choice for Alaskan helicopter skiing.

“This high-performance aircraft was designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions. Its exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range, and fast cruise speed make the A4350 the leader in its class the preferred aircraft for Chugach Powder Guides. For heli-skiers, that translates into flying further, higher, faster and more reliably than in other aircraft. In short, that means more, safer skiing and riding.”